Savory cakes and dishes

Rice balls/Arancini

Risotto with saffron fried balls filled with either cheese or meat – in this particular occasion I have filled them with mozzarella cheese but anything can be used.


Cod and salmon fish burgers as an alternative to meat burgers.

Cabbage rolls

Lovely organic cabbage leaf rolls filled with wonderful Tablehurst organic pork and beef. Carnaroli rice and organic vegetables together with spices and cheese…

Rice cake Recco (Italy) recipe

Wonderful when freshly baked but still fantastic when wormed up inside the oven. Carnaroli rice, milk, cheese and spices. Great memories of my childhood when I used to eat this lovely savoury cake at my mum’s friend house. Grazie Franca for giving your recipe to me!


Panettone Gastronomico

In English you would call it – Savory Panettone-

Stuffed with freshly sliced ham, mortadella, salame. Wonderful for parties!




Pizza cake:

Pizza dough balls stuffed with mozzarella, tomato sauce, origano and whatever you wish to add. Deliciusly as light as a cloud.



TORTA PASQUALINA – Pasqua in Italian means Easter. This cake originates from the 1400 and it is a typical dish of my birth region Liguria. It is usually filled with chard but also spinach or other green leaved vegetables or even artichokes, ricotta cheese and eggs. Tradition in the making of this cake wants the use or 33 super fine like pasta sheets as a reference to Jesus’ years. I only use 3 or 4 sheets. The bubble at the top comes from my mum. She use to blow air inside the pasta sheet before sealing it in order to create this nice bubble. This Ligurian speciality is consumed cold. It is the perfect picnic or banquet food . There is a lot of work in the making of this cake but the final result is well worth it.






POLPETTONE Green beans and potatoes. Another one of my mum’s home recipes.




Insalata Russa – Russian Salad


Left over Turkey Cake


RUSSIAN SALAD HAM ROLLS IN BEEF JELLY Great “antipasto” dish to be eaten cold possibly accompanied by crackers breadsticks, bread, focaccia and so on. Another one of my mum’s appetisers often present during special meals.



PARMIGIANA Fried sliced locally produced aubergines and layered with only using top quality ingredients. Fried exclusively in extra virgin olive oil!



Aubergine and Parma rolls

made with grilled aubergines, parma ham, mozzarella, tomato sauce by Mutti, spices including Italian oregano.

12928141_1729881347257657_1241139003021093513_n 12931062_1729881350590990_1485854238532402330_n



Asparagus and Parma rolls

made with asparagus, parma, cheese and béchamel sauce.

12936550_1729880590591066_3413085594195523682_n 12936678_1729880593924399_2816859036405488711_n

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