Cooking suggestions:

Fresh egg pasta cooks much faster than ordinary dry pasta. Bring a large quantity of water to a boil. Please do not forget to put a good quantity of rock salt into the water (in about 6 litres of water a good table spoon of rock salt is ideal). I would recommend you place the salt into the water from the start even though salt slightly delays the boiling process. When the water boils add your pasta to the boiling water and gently stir a little (possibly not using a sharp tool). Wait until the pasta starts to float and the water boils again. At that point you can start counting your time.

For my Long Plain Pasta simply let it boil for around 3 minutes. For Stuffed Pasta around 4/5 minutes should be enough. Please make sure though you do not overcook it. Strain and serve with a sauce of your choice. If you are short of sauces or ideas just make a simple and very nice butter sauce by melting some butter in a pan (do not cook it) with some sage and garlic.

All my pasta is made the day before the market. To taste its maximum flavour, I would suggest you eat it within one day. Ideally if you do not know when you will consume it, I strongly suggest to freeze on the day of purchase. Please remember NOT to thaw. Simply place directly from freezer into boiling water and stir gently until separated and allow an extra few minutes cooking time.

For my Lasagne you can store them for a few days inside your fridge, but can also freeze from day of purchase. I would suggest you cook them for 30 minutes at 180°. You need to add around 15 minutes if cooked from frozen. If you want you can defrost it inside your fridge but it is really not necessary.

I take orders with free delivery in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge and near by areas with a minimum of £30. I can make fresh plain pasta to order on the day or one-day notice for stuffed pasta unless you order it in the morning. In this case you can have it by the evening. If you have guests and would like to order some pasta for an occasion I can also come to you and cook it for you.

Buon Appetito!


Maria Lara Monti