Sourdough Panettone Milanese and Genovese

Panettone Milanese
Over 30 hours natural raising rest exclusively with live sourdough.
Ingredients: Flour, Egg Yolks, Sultanas, Water, Sugar, Vanilla, Butter, Salt, and Sourdough Yeast.

2.5 kg Sourdough Panettone Milanese. A real challange!

Panettone Genovese

Traditional Genovese Christmas treat but also all year round cake. Filled with dry fruits and pine nuts. I also like adding hazelnuts or chestnuts and a good splash of rum liquor I usually soak the sultanas in for a few days.

2 Comments on “Sourdough Panettone Milanese and Genovese

  1. Ciao Lara!
    Just wanted to leave some feedback-
    Your Panattone was the yummiest & freshest I’ve ever tasted & I have bought great quality, expensive Panattone before, but yours was simply the BEST!
    Also a huge fan of your Italian choux pastries.
    I wish you great & well deserved success!
    Mrs R Tank- Surrey.

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