Friday 22nd may – saturday 23rd may 2020 free home delivery!


Another chance to have my food delivered to your door (keeping the distance :-)) this coming Friday May 22nd and Saturday May 23rd.

If your area is not included but near to the following locations – Langton Green, Penshurst, Groombridge and Tunbridge Wells – please do still get in touch with me and I will see what I can do for you.

Friday May 22nd – my available dishes will be: Lasagne, Parmigiana, cannelloni and fresh pasta with two sauces. For any other speciality dish not listed, just let me know and I will do my best to help.

Saturday May 23rd – Tray Pizza and farinata. Marsala wine TIRAMISU dessert also available on request.

Deliveries will be between 5/6pm both days.

For delivery on May 22nd, orders will close on 21/5/20.

For pizza and farinata delivery on May 23rd, orders will close on 22/5/20.

Please do get in touch by calling my mobile 07981 801892 (also available on whatsup).

Friday May 22nd


Semolina lasagne sheets layered with home made besciamella sauce, cheddar cheese and parmesan. Vegetable fillings: courgettes or plain tomatoes.

£5 each


Breadded aubergines fried in groundnut oil and layered with cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Spices and Mutti tomato.

£5 each

ALSO AVAILABLE super special Cannelloni with Organic High Weald Ricotta cheese and spinach £6

  • Taglierini (small)
  • Tagliatelle (medium)
  • Pappardelle (large – picture coming)

Fresh eggs pasta made on the day with min. 7 fresh eggs per kg of flour.

£8 per 1/2 kg min. order.

80/120g x individual portion.

Choices of condiment:

  • walnut sauce £4 per pot
  • Puttanesca sauce (tomato/tuna/anchovies/olives)£4 per pot – picture coming

Saturday May 23rd my Pizza on the tray!


Picture coming soon!

Farinata is made with Chickpea flour, water + extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Plain or with Onion topping £2 x slice – onion topping £2.50 (min. 3 slices – tray 30×40 cm – 6 slices x tray)

Stay safe and stay HOME

Thank you

Maria Lara

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