Friday 8th may – saturday 9th may 2020 free home deliveries…

Hi all.

I hope you are all well and safe inside your homes.

I will be offering free home deliveries around my area (Langton Green, Penshurst, Groombridge and Tunbridge Wells) Friday May 1st with two of my dishes – Lasagne and Parmigiana.

On Saturday May 2nd I will only deliver my Tray Pizza.

Delivery will be between 5/6pm both days.

For deliveries on May 8th, orders will close on 07/5/20

For pizza deliveries on May 9th, orders will close on 08/5/20

Get in touch by calling my mobile 07981 801892 Lara.

Friday May 8th free delivery


Semolina lasagne sheets layered with home made besciamella sauce, cheddar cheese and parmesan. Vegetable fillings: courgettes or plain tomatoes.

£5 each


Breadded aubergines fried in groundnut oil and layered with cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Spices and Mutti tomato.

£5 each

ALSO AVAILABLE super special Cannelloni with Organic High Weald Ricotta cheese and spinach £6

  • Taglierini (small)
  • Tagliatelle (medium)
  • Pappardelle (large – picture coming)

Fresh eggs pasta made on the day with min. 7 fresh eggs per kg of flour. £8 per 1/2 kg min. order. 80/120g x individual portion.

Choices of condiment:

  • walnut sauce £4 per pot
  • Puttanesca sauce (tomato/tuna/anchovies/olives)£4 per pot – picture coming

Saturday May 9th my Pizza on the tray


Picture coming soon!

My farinata will make her debut this Saturday for home delivery. Chickpea, flour and water + extra virgin olive oil farinata.

Two toppings available:

  • Organic High Weald Sussex Slipcote £2.50 x slice
  • Onions £2 x slice

Stay safe and stay HOME

Thank you

Maria Lara

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