Cancellation of Penshurst Farmers’ market for me…

I’ve just been informed by Penshurst Farmer’s market that unfortunately my products will now clash with the existing stallholders therefore they will no longer give me a space.

I am awaiting to see if Cherry Garden Farm shop can take me this Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

I will update you very shortly.

Thank you.


2 Comments on “Cancellation of Penshurst Farmers’ market for me…

  1. I Lara Have missed your gorgeous pasta at Penshurst. Not noticed any suppliers that you would clash with Hohum

    Sent from my iPad

    Garry Taylor


    • Hello Garry and thank you for your email and kind compliment. The reason why Penshurst farmers’ market did not accept me this time is because I was not planning to bring my old selection of pasta. I simply cannot handle my display fridge without help. I was prepared to bring lasagne, parmigiana and sourdough pizza together with other dishes which don’t require my display fridge but they still told me I would have clashed with other stand holders’ products. I hope to see you in the near future at Cherry Garden Farm shop and possibly at my own shop very soon. Thank you very much. Lara

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