See you this coming Saturday …

Hi all!

I will be finally back at Penshurst Farmer’s Market this coming Saturday from 9.30 am.

I am planning to bring:

  • Tomato sauce (Mutti) lasagne
  • Organic courgette (from Tablehurst Farm Shop) Lasagne
  • Organic mantovana pumpkin (from Tablehurst Farm Shop) Lasagne

I will also bring my sourdough tray pizza made with Organic Mulino Marino flour. I will let the dough rest for 24 hours so that it will became extremely digestible. Just remember that my pizza will be cooked and taken to the market right before the starting time 9.30 am. You will have the freshest pizza you can get and I will have the longest night…just the way it should be.

These are the topping I am planning to bring:

  • Salad with grilled peppers and aubergines
  • Salad with anchovies and capers
  • Cherry Garden farm shop organic potatoes
  • Cherry Garden farm shop organic potatoes with Tablehurst farm shop organic plain sausage.
  • Plain margherita with Olives and without
  • Mortadella, Prosciutto crudo and salame topping

I will also try to bring some farinata base (gluten free) pizza! I will only confirm farinata on my website on Friday evening.

I have not been present at Penshurst for a while now so I will not make too much food. For this reason, if you would like me to save anything for you, just get in touch with me either via email or phone.

PS: Please do bring cash. I have a new card reader to offer you in case you have no cash available but mobile phone reception is very bad at Penshurst.

Thank you

Maria Lara🌻

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