Hi everyone. My  belated thank you to my dear customers for coming to my last market of February 4th at Penshurst. My home commercial fridge has broken down and finding  a specifically designed fresh egg pasta fridge here in UK is turning to be not very easy. I am getting there though but will not make it by this Saturday. I thought, for this time only,  I could dedicate  this market to plain pasta which I will make right before the market. I will also bring my  ready made specialities I have occasionally offered to you  during my past markets.  This will include: savoury cakes, insalata russa, ham rolls in beef jelly, meat stuffed miniature vegetables and hopefully Panissa (chickpea polenta) and my Mum’s Tommaselle (meat rolls stuffed with ricotta and spinach) cooked in tomato sauce and vegetables. Lasagne will also be there with the Parmigiana.

I hope to see you there!

Saluti a tutti!


Maria Lara Monti