See you this Saturday December 3rd at Penshurst Farmers Market.

Hi everyone!

I am very exited to be back at Penshurst Farmer Market this coming Saturday December 3rd. I have just made some small samples of Panettone Milanese for you to try and some Panettone Genovese. I will be taking orders for 1/5 kg panettoni Milanesi and panettoni genovesi to be collected on the week of the December 12th when I am planning to make my only batch for this Christmas. Below is the picture of one of mine 2.5kg giant panettone milanese I have made a few days ago. I am super proud of it .15095590_1110305302400812_35731298068815996_nThe pasta I am planning to make for this Saturday is: Pansotti with walnut sauce, pumpkin ravioli  (hoping tomorrow to find  the right pumpkin at Tablehurst) and hopefully some meat pasta as well. I will also bring lasagne and parmigiana. I expect this market to be very busy. I will try to make as much pasta as my hands will allow me to but please let me know in advance in case you want me to reserve some. As you know all my pasta is made  the day before the market.

I hope to see you soon.

Thank you.


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