See you at Penshurst Saturday September 3rd!

Hi all.

Thank you to all my dear customers who came in large number at last Penshurst Farmer Market. It was very nice to see you. The setting was simply picture perfect with a temperature more like south of France than South East England…I am not complaining although I cannot sleep at night! On a sunny day my stall location can give me too much sunshine right on my display. For this reason please look for me in case you don’t see me in my usual spot. In case of sunny forecast I might ask my market manager to give me some shade by moving my stall facing  back rather than the usual front. So please come to see me at Penshurst on Sept. 3rd and also at Cherry Garden Farm shop in Groombridge on Sept. 17th with the possibility of being there also on the 24th.  If you don’t want to risk turning up and find an empty display, please do send me an email or text or call at 07981 801 892 and pre order.

Enjoy this wonderful weather because we all know it is not going to last.

My thoughts and prayers are with the areas in Italy devastated by this terrible earthquake which happened only a few days before a wonderful food fair.

I truly hope this time something good can come out of this terrible tragedy.

Thank you.


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