See you Saturday 2nd of April at Penshurst farmer Market

Wonderful sourdough Easter Colombe only cooked a few days before the market, my new PINK (sweet potatoes) sourdough pizza dough and my lasagne with Pesto from my home town Genova were all present last Saturday at Groombridge old railway staton market. I also made ravioli filled with Parma ham…a real treat! See you at Penshurst on Saturday the 2nd of April.

Ciao a tutti!

Finally a photo of my display!


20160319_103040 (1)
The Pizza on the left has a pink dough due to the organic sweet potatoes variety I have found at Tablehurst farm shop. The orange bits on the top is the ordinary organic sweet potato variety…so many colours especially when it is raw.


What comment could I add to this picture? I am simply extremely proud of my sourdough which strength allows me to achieve the best results possible every time I use it. I cannot describe to you the wonderful aroma around my house when I cook them.
From a variety of pink/purple organic sweet potatoes produced at Tablehurst, here is my last new entry in sourdough pizza dough. PINK PIZZA!
Only one off chance given to those few lucky customers who bought this super treat. Now you understand why Genoa’s basil is the best in the world.


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