Penshurst Farmer Market Saturday March 5th 2016

Hi all my lovely customers and thank you so much for coming back to see me at Penhurst during last farmer market. I hope you enjoyed my “new entry” taleggio and organic ricotta heart and round shaped pasta, my scotch bonnet – not too hot –organic meat ravioli (next time I will increase the amount of scotch bonnet!) and my other new entry – sourdough organic potatoes tray pizza. After a year and a half of transporting my essential heavy display fridge to the markets (thanks to my husband’s back and muscles), my next ambition is now to create a semi permanent base for my stall. I would love to buy a very nice all wood log cabin and set it in a convenient place around Tunbridge Wells. I could sell my products there a few days a week and I would not have to waist so much time for setting up etc. If you know of any location available for this kind of project please just let me know. In the meantime I am keeping my eyes open. See you at Penhsurst on the 5th of Marh with my sourdough COLOMBE! Gosh, Easter is approaching soon!

Ciao and…


Doing our best to feed our bodies with the most genuine food possible is natural consequence of loving ourselves and the people around us.

Thank you.



2 Comments on “Penshurst Farmer Market Saturday March 5th 2016

  1. For another outlet why not try the wooden farm shop on the East Grinsted junction of the road between Groombridge and Tun Wells?
    Easy parking, well known,popular with commuters. Big into asparagus
    Think owned by the adjacent farm

    • Thank you Kate and Garry. That would be the best place for me but the owner told me he has massive restriction and cannot expand at all. I only wish I could find a way to set a nice log cabin right there. Lara

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