Another very successful Penshurst Farmers’ Market day for my stall on Saturday 3rd October. A big thank you to all my customers for waiting on line so patiently. I am working on improving my efficiency in serving you. I will also have someone helping me at all time so that hopefully you will not have to wait too long. I’ll be at Cherry Garden Farm shop on October 17th 2015. I will bring some sample of my Panettoni Milanesi. I have already started practicing this very challenging recipe and will hopefully be ready for some great samples to give out to all of you this next date. I am also working on a pumpkin/ricotta filling for some more vegetarian pasta filling recipes and hopefully Kate from Cherry Garden Farm shop will soon provide me with some fantastic Zucca Mantovana (Mantova Pumpkin) which is ideal for this filling. I am also working on some more varieties of lasagne with different filling such as aubergine, zucchine and mushroom (Porcini from Italy) etc. Please feel free to contact me with any orders or request. I can personalise and offer you any recipe you wish. Thank you. Lara

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