Next, May 23rd Cherry Gardens Organic Farm Shop, Groombridge

Dear all,

Another big THANK YOU to all the visitors of my stall this past Saturday 2nd of May at Penshurst Place. During this occasion I have offered two new pasta fillings, which include Tortelli with gorgonzola, organic high weald ricotta and walnuts and another version of Tortelloni stuffed with seasonal green leaves, organic ricotta and spices including cinnamon. Once more all my pasta had the best welcome from you to the point I sold out once more! I have also had customers asking me for Colombe cakes, which I only make at Easter. This interest from several customers for this delicious all natural sourdough cake is making me think of creating a different shaped version of it which would enable me to offer this very special sourdough masterpiece occasionally at some markets keeping the dove shaped Easter version only for the Holy Easter festivities.  Let’s see what I can come up with. I will keep you posted. Please remember to come to see me on Saturday 23rd of May at Cherry Gardens Organic Farm shop in Groombridge. I will do my best to bring my dessert pasta, which I have been so wanting to make for a long time. See you soon. Ciao. Lara

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