Christmas treats coming to Penshurst Market

Dear all,

Thank you very much for coming to visit my stall at Penshurst at last October’s market. The flower shaped pasta stuffed with organic sausage was very popular and I hope you enjoyed it. My next Penshurst market will be December’s where we can also discuss Christmas orders. Remember to get in touch with me either via email or phone. ( or +447981801892) Fish stuffed pasta and fish sauces are also available to order. I would also offer you a range of Antipasti  of which some I had displayed in my last market. These range from Insalata Russa (Russian Salad) which, beside being very tasty also looks very decorative. I can also make a Russian Salad with prawns and cooked ham rolls covered in delicious fresh broth jelly. Sour cakes are also another choice and they range from spinach and ricotta,  bietole and ricotta to green beans and potatoes (polpettone), rice cake etc. Another speciality would be a kind of rolled “polpettone” made with sausages and potatoes entirely cooked inside fresh broth. Anyway, my range of choice of Italian dishes beside pasta is vast and can be personalised to your own taste. In my December market I will carry some of my very special home made PANETTONI which is exclusively made with all natural sourdough. I make these every Christmas. Panettone means Christmas and home made sourdough panettone is a privilege to taste. See you soon.  Lara

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