Penshurst Market, This Saturday Aug 2nd

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather.  I just got back from Genoa yesterday and I can ensure you that although the weather has been nice here, it doesn’t come close to the northwest of the Italian Riviera. I have been away for 13 days and I am so looking forward to this Saturday’s upcoming Penshurst Market!

Since the temperature is so persistently high (I am NOT complaining) I have come to the decision I will temporarily not offer my Pansotti with fresh raw ricotta until the temperature drops.  I will offer instead a  potato based filling but this time including sausages from Tablehurst Community Farm where they DO NOT use any preservatives or additive to their very own produced sausages.  I will add this farm to my local supplier list since they really do a great job. This dish also includes ham, vegetables, spices and eggs. I will also offer my usual mum’s meat ravioli and also chicken/ ham ravioli.  My lasagne will also be waiting for you,  and I soon will add some more ready to eat Italian specialities …I need a bigger display fridge! I am bursting with ideas and recipes but the space is what it is. See you Saturday and enjoy this weather. Life is so much brighter when the sun shines!

Ciao Maria Lara

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