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Dear all,

I am finally updating you after a little time of silence. I have stopped trading at Penshurst farmers’ market because the time has come for Maria Lara’s fresh pasta to have a base. I am looking to find a place possibly around  Langton Green, Penshurst and Groombridge area. It is not turning to be an easy search but I am confident the right place will become available soon. I am very much looking forward to this opportunity to finally get to the next step of making my dream come true. Please do bear with me and, in the meantime, if you need anything please simply get in touch with me. My details are on this website.








Only for this coming Saturday March 4th 2017…

Hi everyone. My  belated thank you to my dear customers for coming to my last market of February 4th at Penshurst. My home commercial fridge has broken down and finding  a specifically designed fresh egg pasta fridge here in UK is turning to be not very easy. I am getting there though but will not make it by this Saturday. I thought, for this time only,  I could dedicate  this market to plain pasta which I will make right before the market. I will also bring my  ready made specialities I have occasionally offered to you  during my past markets.  This will include: savoury cakes, insalata russa, ham rolls in beef jelly, meat stuffed miniature vegetables and hopefully Panissa (chickpea polenta) and my Mum’s Tommaselle (meat rolls stuffed with ricotta and spinach) cooked in tomato sauce and vegetables. Lasagne will also be there with the Parmigiana.

I hope to see you there!

Saluti a tutti!


Maria Lara Monti

See you at Penshurst Saturday February 4th 2017!

Hi all and my warmest good wishes for this new 2017!

I am very much looking forward to hopefully see you in big number on Saturday Feb.4th at Penshurst Farmer Market. I will soon update you on what I am planning to bring this time. I should still be able to make my organic pumpkin/ricotta ravioli in addition to my organic spinach Pansotti and so on. I have recently watched a program on Netflix regarding chef Massimo Bottura’s story. Just a confirmation on how rare and special is what I make in my kitchen.

See you soon –  I hope!



See you this Saturday December 3rd at Penshurst Farmers Market.

Hi everyone!

I am very exited to be back at Penshurst Farmer Market this coming Saturday December 3rd. I have just made some small samples of Panettone Milanese for you to try and some Panettone Genovese. I will be taking orders for 1/5 kg panettoni Milanesi and panettoni genovesi to be collected on the week of the December 12th when I am planning to make my only batch for this Christmas. Below is the picture of one of mine 2.5kg giant panettone milanese I have made a few days ago. I am super proud of it .15095590_1110305302400812_35731298068815996_nThe pasta I am planning to make for this Saturday is: Pansotti with walnut sauce, pumpkin ravioli  (hoping tomorrow to find  the right pumpkin at Tablehurst) and hopefully some meat pasta as well. I will also bring lasagne and parmigiana. I expect this market to be very busy. I will try to make as much pasta as my hands will allow me to but please let me know in advance in case you want me to reserve some. As you know all my pasta is made  the day before the market.

I hope to see you soon.

Thank you.


See you at Penshurst Farmers’ Market on December 3rd 2016

Thank you all once more for coming to my stall last Saturday. It was a rainy day but the wet weather did not stop you from coming to buy my pasta and I am very apreciative of that. I am not going to be present in November but I will be with you in December with my sourdough panettoni as well as the rest. Please do get in touch with me with orders if you don’t want  to take the risk of finding an empty display. I wish you all the best and…see you soon!


Maria Lara

See you at Penshurst Farmer Market Saturday 1st October 2016!

Hi all. It was another very good market at Penshurst last Saturday September 3rd. Thank you to all my dear customers for patiently waiting for their turn. I was planning to be at Cherry Garden Farm shop this coming Saturday but unfortunately my husband will not be able to help me out setting up my stall. I am so very looking forward to find a permanent base where there will be no need for me to have to handle my heavy display fridge etc. Please be patient and keep your eye open for me. Any place around our area would be simply perfect. I am restlessly looking and strongly trust the opportunity will arise soon.

See you soon.


Maria Lara

See you at Penshurst Saturday September 3rd!

Hi all.

Thank you to all my dear customers who came in large number at last Penshurst Farmer Market. It was very nice to see you. The setting was simply picture perfect with a temperature more like south of France than South East England…I am not complaining although I cannot sleep at night! On a sunny day my stall location can give me too much sunshine right on my display. For this reason please look for me in case you don’t see me in my usual spot. In case of sunny forecast I might ask my market manager to give me some shade by moving my stall facing  back rather than the usual front. So please come to see me at Penshurst on Sept. 3rd and also at Cherry Garden Farm shop in Groombridge on Sept. 17th with the possibility of being there also on the 24th.  If you don’t want to risk turning up and find an empty display, please do send me an email or text or call at 07981 801 892 and pre order.

Enjoy this wonderful weather because we all know it is not going to last.

My thoughts and prayers are with the areas in Italy devastated by this terrible earthquake which happened only a few days before a wonderful food fair.

I truly hope this time something good can come out of this terrible tragedy.

Thank you.


See you at Penshurst Farmers Market on August 6th 2016

Hi all!

I am so very exited to hopefully see you in large number on my next Market at Penshurst August 6th 2016.

This summer is really struggling to show up but hopefully the weather will turn sunny soon. I am very excited to bring to the market my gluten free “Farinata Genovese” (Chickpeas flour, olive oil and water flat oven speciality). An extremely old recipe from my home town Genova which I totally forgot about (silly me!) and  is a very special dish for all tastes. I will also finally add some durum wheat flour to my pasta dough so that it will have a warmer color and will look better even the day after making it. I will keep you posted a little closer to the date with the other dishes I’ll bring to the market . In the meantime…let’s try to still have some summer time despite the rain and cloudy skies.

Ciao  a tutti!


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